5 reasons why a Lifestyle session is perfect for family photos.

Outdoor family photography sessions are by far the most requested sessions I get. And Salem, Oregon has some of the most beautiful parks for a natural backdrop which is perfect for large family sessions. However, today I want to tell you a few top reasons as to why a lifestyle photoshoot is the way to go for immediate family photoshoots (Especially if you have a newborn!) So, in no particular order, let’s get started!


1. Your family’s personality is shown through your home.

Like individuals, families have a unique personality and their home is a perfect visual representation of it. Having Lifestyle sessions in-home allow for endless possibilities to capture small details of your family. From the style of the home, to a child’s artwork on the fridge, or the special collection of family mugs… These are just some details that set families apart.


2. You can be comfortable and just be yourselves.

Too much time is spent wondering what to wear, coordinating outfits, making sure everyone is ready on time and in the best mood possible when having family photos done. But by having family photos done in your home, you can sit back on your sofa as a family and read through your favorite books together, look through old photo albums, and even have a fun matching pajamas session! Home is the place where you can be yourselves.


3. You can capture very unique and special candid moments together.

Families are busy. Between work, making dinner, children’s sports/dance practice, and taking time to relax, families don’t always have the time to just soak in the little special moments together. Being able to have a photo session in-home takes the burden off all the busyness and allows you to take time to yourselves as a family. Soon children grow up and life changes, but you will have the opportunity to look back at photos when you were all participating in special moments at home such as baking cookies, dancing together, or just relaxing together. Cell phones are great for selfies, but it can’t capture the natural expressions of these special moments together.


4. Your first home will be remembered forever.

A home is the heart of the family, their shelter, and the one place that will always be significant to every family member. One thing people take for granted is their front yard/porch. It’s the entrance and exit to your day, but there is something so special about taking a family photo right outside your door as well as inside. Children will look back at those photos where everyone was smiling together in this home that a mom and dad worked so hard for. Some homes won’t be standing decades from now, but photos will rarely disappear. A photo of a home can trigger so many special memories for family members years later. Most of us have very fond memories of our first childhood home, but not many of us have a picture they can frame as adults to remind them of it. Lifestyle photography gives us that opportunity before it’s too late.


5. You will always have memories of “back in the day”.

Being able to have a chance to take a glimpse of what life was like 20-30yrs ago is not very common, but it is very exciting! What is popular now in terms of interior and exterior home designs will not be the same even just a few years from now. Even the way we dress, what we drive, and what is special to us; all of it will be different. It’ll eventually be part of history. Photos are a wonderful visual time capsule. It’s what we want to see when time passes us by and our families begin to expand


You can always have beautiful and simple outdoor photos, and they are absolutely great! But imagine the possibilities if you were to be in the comfort of your own home where everyone in your household can just be themselves and enjoy having moments together in the place that brings you joy and laughter. You will be very grateful you decided to give it a chance…and before you know it, you’ll want to have more lifestyle photo sessions as your family grows and continues to move forward into new homes.


What would be your favorite memory captured in your home?